One Hound: 35$ / Hike

Two Hounds: 55$ / hike


Invoices are sent out monthly and Payments can be made  by Cash, Cheque, or E-Transfer


Who's Eligible?

Any hound can join the pack for adventures as long as they are in good health, can handle a big walk, and have good recall and social skills.

Getting Started

I will come to you and do a free consultation (at your house or at a park) to meet and get to know the dog before we hit the trails! 

Contact to get started →

Train & Hike: 50$

I pick your dog up first and do one-on-one training before picking up the rest of the dogs and heading out for a hike!

I take a balanced training approach using both correction and reward to teach basic obedience as well as shaping a calm balanced dog.